35-500 EUR
28 April


35-500 EUR

Sector 6, Soseaua Orhideelor nr.1

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About the show

Wellboy and Quest Pistols in Bucharest!

Turn on the mood to the fullest!

Crazy spring concert!

Golden line-up Quest Pistol together with Wellboy announced a tour of Europe in support of Ukraine.

Charismatic and talented, a real emerald of modern show business, Wellboy will give you unforgettable emotions of drive and positivity.

They return to the big stage. The golden lineup of Quest Pistols will help listeners immerse themselves in unforgettable emotions of nostalgia and warmth.

15 years ago, three dancers from Ukraine suddenly sang to instantly become popular and turn into a national boy band. Quest Pistols changed the rules and overturned the foundations of the pop scene, bringing to it charisma, healthy pophygism, bright images and hits that have passed the test of time.

The concert program includes songs that have become the soundtracks of the youth of an entire generation: "I'm Tired", "Days of Glamor", "White Dragonfly of Love", "I'm Your Drug", "You're Incredible", "Santa Lucia", as well as hot hits of the year "Cherries", "Home", "Yellow mallows", "Geese", "Nozzi Bossy" and others.

Do not delay, favorite artists of millions of Ukrainians will soon be in Romania.

Order a concert ticket and welcome spring brightly.

Light up the dance floor, let this concert bring only positivity, feelings of happiness, joy, love and warmth.